Site Updates – And Thanks


Been a bit of a busy (and pandemic filled) couple of years, but committed to catching up and accelerating the list building process.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, corrected, and kept both me and list list honest and complete!

To help build a little quicker, I’m going to move the ‘thanks’ and ‘kudos’ to a separate page, not because I don’t want to give kudos and thanks, but there are just *so many* similar suggestions that keeping up with the music genres list with the inclusion of the contributor is a little more work (to be honest a little too much work), especially as the downloaded list should probably be ‘cleaner’. So I’m going to build and keep updated a contributor page… and with massive thanks to those that have helped build the list.

I also added a ‘buy me a cuppa’ link… it’s not a mandate, the list will remain free for as long as I’m breathing (hopefully a long time), but it’ll help me focus (not the tea, the bit o’ cash) and convince the wife to let me disappear into my home office for a few hours a night (you should always buy your wife nice things, regardless!) I also ‘transitioned’ from my full-time job in January of this year… so the price of a cuppa and a nice note will make up for some of that corporate buffer.

So let’s keep building. Let’s keep rocking. And let the music genres flow!



Buy me a Cuppa!

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