Poll – Favorite Music Genres from CBS


Country and rock are America’s favorite music genres, according to a 2018 CBS News Poll.  With country music garnering 21% of poll of respondents’ vote and rock 18%

Popular music (14%) came in at #3, while classical (10%) followed relatively closely in 4th

R&B or soul hit 9%, with hip hop or rap (not really the same in my mind) at 7%, exactly the same as jazz.

Christian or gospel music ended up at 8th out of the 8 choices given to the folks in this phone poll.

As far as gender, the poll showed men having a slightly more penchant for rock, with women prefer country and pop music.

Age made a difference as well with Americans under 65 relatively even in their preferences while those 65 and older loving country by a wide margin!

Does this mean our aging population is from an era where country music ruled? Or is it just a sign of mellowing music tastes or relocation to areas of the country where music is a little more, shall we say, rural?

Interesting to validate, based on culture, history, and roots  of these genres, that African Americans prefer R&B or soul (39%), followed by jazz (13%), and then rap or hip hop (9%).

What’s your thoughts and favorites?

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