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The Music Genres List site covers many of the most popular styles of blues music, we hope this becomes the definitive list of blues music genres on the Internet, send an email to add @ musicgenreslist dot com if you feel any blues music genres are missing and we’ll add to complete the music list.

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At its core, the blues has remained the same since its inception. Most blues feature simple, usually three-chord, progressions and have simple structures that are open to endless improvisations, both lyrical and musical.

Classic 12-bar country blues moved to the city in the black diaspora that accompanied the depression of the 30’s, and as a result gave us urban electric Blues.

Soon there was jump blues, which became Rhythm ’n’ Blues, which then crossed over into Rock ’n’ Roll. Then Gospel got a taste of the ‘Devil’s music’, and morphed into Soul.

Following the Civil War, the blues arose as “a distillate of the African music brought over by slaves. Field hollers, ballads, church music and rhythmic dance tunes called jump-ups evolved into a music for a singer who would engage in call-and-response with his guitar. He would sing a line, and the guitar would answer it.” By the 1890s the blues were sung in many of the rural areas of the South. And by 1910, the word ‘blues’ as applied to the musical tradition was in fairly common use.
There’s the definitive blues bar in LA (and around the world!) – House of Blues