iTunes Radio. Will it be an Apple Genres Fest?


Yesterday Apple announced iTunes Radio a streaming service that extends the music giant’s reach into a space currently reserved by Spotify, Pandora and others.

The announcement wasn’t just an introduction, however. Apple made it very clear in the scope of it’s current reach, it’s position as one of the largest online retailers my the sheer volume of user accounts, number of credit cards held, user downloads, its iCloud capacity and interactions on a daily basis.

iTunes is no slouch.

According to CNN report today, they may be late to the game, or bringing a knife to a gunfight, not sure I agree with either of those.

The other parts of the WWDC keynote presentation didn’t focus on the devices, interface nor music / app / software selection.. it focused on the *feeling* you get from Apple products, and (most of) your experiences are probably aligned with mine.

I’ve got that Apple love feeling. And looking forward to creating & surfacing more music stations around iTunes music genres. (And looking forward to it!)

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