Eurovision Song (Genre) Competition 2013


Well, the Eurovision Song Content is over, and the biggest non-event for American audiences has proved once again that Europe (including almost every country on that continent and beyond) loves a good sing song.

As an expat Brit, I remember fondly the days of Bucks Fizz and ABBA, as well as more dubious acts that dominated an evening’s entertainment. Now in a world of social media and less social European sentiment, the contest spans many days and ’rounds’ leading to the culmination of the largest non-sporting broadcast in the world!

This year Denmark won, though notable losers such as the singing Vampire and Bonnie Tyler added additional entertainment above and beyond the sung word.

There were also funky dresses, sexy dresses, and the cardinal sin of wearing jeans onstage… but all in all, a fun, ‘campy’, romp that once again demonstrates how different Europe is to The States.

Some great coverage and wrap-up from the BBC here

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