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Download the complete list of music genres

Last updated 12/18

Please note: This is a free PDF download to use for you own personal or business use.

Though not required, it would be appreciated if you could link back to the Music Genres List site so that others may find and add to this resource.

Thank you

Grant, The Music Genre Man

14 Responses
  • dishanka gogoi
    February 22, 2019

    Hello Music Genres List Site,

    I am a graduate student of Music and anthropology in Upenn. Your list will be really helpful for me in tracing various genres.

    Thank you

  • Ravyn Hussein
    September 10, 2020

    Your work is appreciated. Thank you.

  • daniel
    November 14, 2020

    Thank you. Looking for a classification of musical groups from the 60s through present day. Hoping this is it.

  • cataina gjennestad
    December 7, 2020

    thanks for the good stuff

  • Christine Trempe
    December 26, 2020

    Was looking for genre’s to have Alexa play some. Thank you so much. I hadn’t realized the list was so extensive.

  • Saeed
    January 31, 2021

    Thank you 🙏

  • carolien van Jaaren
    May 19, 2021

    perhaps an example per genre might help, especially with all those blues. For a non music geek they will all sound familiar. what is what?

  • Charit
    July 21, 2021

    Great !!!

  • Gabor beregi
    August 5, 2021

    Hi, I would like to use the list to my own future Business

  • Jacqueline Ali
    November 28, 2021

    Thank you so much for all the information on your website and the music list.
    I will be send my family and friends the link.

  • Miguel
    April 16, 2022

    I love music

  • Mike Stier
    April 24, 2022

    This is a great resource!

    You could add Indie Dance to your list.

  • David Ghai
    July 3, 2022


    This is a great resource. Thank you! I’m CEO & Founder of Merida Records, Inc. ( and our website is currently under construction. I was wondering if I can use your list on my site and if you have it in excel format. Please let me know.

    David Ghai
    CEO & Founder of Merida Records, Inc.

    • admin
      July 28, 2022

      Send me an email!

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