About the Music Genres List Site

A Little History, and a request for some help!

I guess it’s a funny story when a hobby that’s not really a hobby becomes somethng viable!

I first started the music genres list site in 2009, registered the domain in 2010, and built the first list of what at the time was THE definitive list of music genres.

Fast forward to 2012 and I hadn’t really updated the site, was attracting lots of Google search engine traffic, so decided to open up the information to the larger Internet public for contributions to help build and maintain a list of music genres that would be crowd-sourced, up-to-date and available free for teachers, scholars and “average Joes” to download. The hope is that this is useful for education, informaton and a bit of trivia fun.

I realize it isn’t 100% complete, but with your help it will get there!

The definitive list of music genres is being built… please chip in and help build it!!


What is a Music Genre?

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